ULP Filed June 2018

Judgment Summary

The judge ruled in the HOA's favor and has ordered that Michigan Medicine:

  1. Restore orientation in a manner consistent with prior years' orientation. While notified on June 15, 2019, to do so, the employer failed to comply.
  2. Immediately restore internet, intranet and email access to the HOA's Executive Director to the same level as existed before. While not immediate, access has slowly been restored.
  3. Refrain from discrimination or retaliation against the HOA regarding terms or other conditions of employment in order to encourage or discourage membership in a labor organization.

Redacted copy of the full Judges Order

Original ULP Filing

ULP Summary

This is a multi-charged complaint filed against the Employer regarding retaliation against union members in the Family Medicine program, the union as an entity, and its bargaining agent. It also includes the employer's breach of the 2013 Settlement Agreement regarding surgery residents while assigned to academic development time.

Employer Response Summary

The employer's response to the ULP was to deny any retaliation or repudiation of the CBA and tried (unsuccessfully) to have the judge dismiss the case. In a nutshell, the employer attests that its actions are within in the scope of the CBA and signed Settlement Agreements. The HOA's retaliation charge is directly related to the last ULP hearing where the same judge ruled in the HOA's favor.