The University of Michigan and the University of Michigan House Officers Association have agreed to the following resolution of Grievance #15-8972:

1. Going forward, the offer letters for incoming HO1s will be clarified to include the contractual pay rate applicable to time worked before and after July 1 of the year of hire. For example, a HO1 who begins work on June 18, 2016 would have language in his or her offer letter to specify that for the period of June 18-30, 2016, the annual rate of pay is $53,407 and that the annual rate of pay for HO1s increases on July 1, 2016 to $54, 208 per the parties’ collective bargaining agreement.

2. Each currently-employed House Officer who was initially hired as a HO1 in June of 2010 or later and was paid at the pay rate in effect at that time (as opposed to the pay rate that took effect on July 1 of the year of hire) will receive a one-time lump sum payment of $40.00. The paystub line item for this will indicate “SET” and the payments shall be made within one month of Settlement execution.

3. This settlement agreement is non-precedential and inadmissible in any forum except to enforce its terms.

Kevin Newman
Contract Administrator
University of Michigan

Robin Tarter
Executive Director
House Officers Association
Nov. 3, 2015