Holiday Pay

Receiving your Holiday Pay is not automatic. Back up call (even if you're not called) qualifies for Holiday Pay.

Each department will have a process for approving Holiday Pay through the GME Office.  While the technology exists for this information to be pulled from MedHub, the burden is on you to notify your program's designee (usually the program administrator) that you, in fact, worked.  Please be sure to follow up to make sure you are being appropriately compensated and have followed the established procedure.  

You only have 60 days to submit that you qualify for holiday pay.

A holiday will commence at 12:00 AM on the calendar date of the holiday and will continue for the twenty-four (24) hour consecutive period until 12:00 AM the day after the holiday.

In the event that a House Officer is assigned any clinical responsibilities (including on-call, back up call (even if you aren't called), inpatient service coverage, clinics, rounding, jeopardy, home call) on a House Officer holiday, he/she will receive an additional 1/364th of his/her annual salary as compensation. The House Officer will receive this compensation regardless of the total number of hours worked or presence in the hospital. 

The HOA's contractual holidays are: 

1. New Years Day (January 1st)
2. Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
3. Independence Day (July 4th)
4. Labor Day (First Monday in September)
5. Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
6. Day after Thanksgiving (Fourth Friday in November)
7. Christmas Eve (December 24th)
8. Christmas Day( December 25th)
9. New Year’s Eve (December 31st)
10. House Officer’s Birthday

Rates for working a holiday in the fiscal year 2021 are: