Contract Negotiations

Talks are set for Monday evenings and have already begun.

The HOA team has been meeting since last October to define the Association's Issues and Interests as a springboard for our proposals to the administration.  Proposals between the two teams are exchanged throughout the bargaining process.  The HOA is cautiously optimistic that we will have a Tentative Agreement in the spring for the membership to ratify.  The bargaining sessions will take place on Monday evenings beginning at 6 pm in the UH Dining Rooms.  They will be facilitated by attorney Mike Nowakowski.  

Your team includes Robin Tarter and Steve Smith from the HOA Office, Meg Smith - General Surgery, Sarah Bell - OB/GYN, Harris Imam - PM&R, Xin He - IM Endocrinology, Victoria Hoch - Emergency Medicine, Ruth Bickett-Hickok - Anesthesiology, Matt lee - Urology, Arielle Schaffer-White - Med/Peds, Stephen Thompson - Psychiatry, Erica Smith - Med/Peds, Emily Eton - Ophthalmology, Johan Latorre - PM&R, Kimberly Casten - PM&R, Michelle Shnayder - Radiology, Sameer Berry - IM Gastroenterology, Billy Weir - Surgery Critical Care and Mansoor Arain - IM Cardiology.

The employer's team, who represents the University of Michigan Regents, is led by Michelle Sullivan, Director of Michigan Medicine Labor Relations.  Other members of the employer's team include, Dr. Scott Gitlin and Chris Rupkey from the Office of Graduate Medical Education, Program Directors Dr. Dawn Coleman (Vascular Surgery) and Dr. Gary Weiner (Pediatrics-Neonatal/Perinatal), Wade Baughman and Elizabeth Craig from the Labor Relations, and Hilary King from the Office of the Chief Operating Officer.

As progress is being made, you will be updated through News for House Officers, and the bulletin boards located through out the medical campus.