Parking Grievance Denied

Union's suggested remedies are reasonable, but cannot be enforced.

According to the arbitrator, "the Union suggests several specific remedies to the problem that are not impossible and may not even be unreasonable."  Of course our members know that the HOA has always  adopted a problem-solving approach to issues that negatively impact our members, however, we can't force the Employer to work with us or agree to implement our remedies.  It is unfortunate.

"The HOA suggests “converting 40 patient parking spots in P3 into designated HOA On-Call Parking with signage reflecting the designation”. Related to that suggestion, the HOA notes that valet, gold & blue spots have signage and the HOA posits the question “Why not designate on-call spots, too?”. While the Union’s goal of making parking more accessible and convenient for its on-call members is reasonable, the remedies suggested are not Contractually mandated; indeed, they are not even Contractually permitted as part of an Award, as the Arbitrator is prohibited by Article XX, ¶178 from “adding to “ or “modifying” the existing Contractual terms."

This is on the agenda for negotiations on March 23rd.