Bargaining Update

Bargaining to continue using teleconferencing.

As the HOA has shared with our membership in past updates, progress on tentative agreements to the HOA's proposals has been slow.  Add to this the COVID-19 challenges, and we have even greater concerns, which have been expressed to the Employer's team.

Several of the HOA's proposals are simply to codify existing practice and the Employer is reluctant to agree to this language.  Discussion around Holidays and Holiday Pay has taken up a great deal of time.  As all of you know, the Holiday Substitution language is in need of a complete overhaul.  In the last HOA counterproposal, we agreed to strike the substitution language if the Employer would add two Holiday's to the list. More discussion on this is scheduled for March 23.

Additionally, we will continue the discussion surrounding parental leave, felony charge disclosures, the description of the bargained-for unit, unpaid leave, meal allowances, and workload related to on-call shifts.  Finally, we will discuss economics and the 2% base wage increase the employer has offered.