Your Health and Safety

Results of the occupational health and safety survey are available.

For all of you who took the time to respond to our survey, we thank you!  We have shared the results with Labor Relations.  Below is a link to the report and your responses.

COVID / OHS Survey Results

There are two "asks" that we will bring forward at the Labor Management Committee: Our members want asymptomatic testing and testing upon request.  We will also inquire about the status is of having access to rapid testing.  In last Friday's Town Hall, it was said this would be available in the next "couple" of weeks.

With regard to working from home, all Program Directors and Program Administrators should have received a directive from the GME Office (Dr. Biermann) last Friday afternoon, stating that those of you who are able to work from home, must do so, in accordance with the University's and Michigan HHS's mandate.  None of you should be coming to the hospital if your work can be done from home.  If this is not being strictly adhered to, please contact the HOA immediately.  As always, this will be treated confidentially.