Help Needed

House Officer representation on the PeriOp Sharps Injury Prevention workgroup.

This group is just getting started and will be led by UH OR clinical leadership. The goal of the group is to prevent sharps-related employee injures.  The charge of the group is to continuously monitor injuries related to sharps, investigate and implement prevention strategies, and explore new and different prevention technologies. The time commitment is an ongoing monthly one-hour meeting plus any subcommittee obligations.

It would be very helpful to have representation and input from a House Officer who works in the surgical area, especially in UH, where the highest number of sharps injuries occur today.  However, any surgical House Officer who has a passion for sharps-related injury prevention would be a great addition to this team.

If you're interested, please email Robin with a your name, program, PGY, and a brief statement of interest.  The specific meeting time will be decided once all the members of the group have been identified.