HOA Public Statement

The Association's Position on COVID-19 vaccines.

As leaders in health care, we urge our members to be voices of influence in the nationwide vaccination effort. Please encourage everyone in your circle of influence to receive the vaccine as it becomes available. Outside of Michigan Medicine’s internal vaccination efforts, we know the vaccine can be difficult to come by, but please, encourage your family members and friends to be patient, and to sign up with local distribution centers and county health departments to be vaccinated as they become eligible.

We do not need to tell our members that vaccines save lives. The HOA strongly believes in the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine and we encourage our members to be part of the eradication of COVID-19. Millions of people worldwide have lost their lives to COVID-19 and we need everyone’s help to rid ourselves of this virus in 2021.  Medicine has seen the success of vaccines at eradicating smallpox, nearly eliminated chickenpox and polio, and minimized the impact of countless other diseases. To achieve a similar result from COVID-19 vaccine, we must lend our voices in support of a broad willingness to get vaccinated.