Proposed Constitutional Change

HOA seeking to have 10 Representatives At-large.

The HOA Board unanimously approved to seek approval from the membership to increase the number of elected representatives from 6 to 10,

Since the HOA won the right to organize, there have been 6 representatives.  The bargaining unit has now grown to 1,250 members and it makes sense to increase the number of representatives to 10.  Since Board elections are slated for the end of May, with nominations next month, we need approval from the membership to increase the number.

You will receive a brief 5 minute survey from the HOA on April 5 regarding your experience(s) with the implementation of the new contract and other initiatives the HOA has prioritized.  Approval of this change to the Constitution will be the last question on the survey.

Below is a link to the current HOA Constitution.  Where there is a reference to 6 representatives, it is proposed that this number be changed to 10.


Please let us know if you have any questions.