COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

What it means for those who remain non-compliant.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services threatens to hit hospitals' wallets. On Sept. 9 the federal agency said it intends to release an interim final rule in October requiring hospitals, dialysis facilities, ambulatory surgical centers and other facilities to vaccinate their staff as a condition for participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

The direct and indirect reimbursement dollars for Graduate Medical Education that CMS reimburses Michigan Medicine for contributes to a large percentage of your salaries.  If you're not vaccinated or exempt, we won't get funding.

To date, we have been notified that 76 residents and fellows are non-compliant which means that they have not reported their status as being vaccinated or that they received an exemption. The HOA does not know who the 76 people are who remain non-compliant. If you have not self-reported your vaccine yet, you can do so using the Report COVID-19 Vaccination tool in Wolverine Access.

We are well aware of the deferment of the vaccine by some health systems for those employees who can show proof of natural immunity. This would be considered another type of medical exemption, if recognized.

The HOA will negotiate progressive discipline for those falling into the category of non-compliant. Before we enter into any type of MOU over progressive discipline, the membership will be given an opportunity to weigh in on the language. To be clear, the administration is vested with "management rights" and the union cannot tell the Employer how to run its business.