Evening and Weekend Parking

House Office Contract Access

All active House Officers are automatically given “free” access to the Taubman Parking Structure, south deck (P3), from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on Saturday & Sunday. No U-M parking permit or parking fee is required. Parking & Transportation Services is given a list of current House Officers every July. We program the access on each individual House Officers’ Blue AVI permit, or if the House Officer does not have an AVI permit, the access is programmed on their Mcard.

To access the structure, enter through Lanes 9 or 10, and exit through Lanes 13 or 14. If you have a Blue AVI permit, the gate will automatically raise as you approach it. If you have no permit, you will need to swipe your Mcard in the onsite reader to raise the gate (all lanes have a card reader). To swipe your Mcard, place the card at the top of the reader, and swipe the card entirely through the reader (top to bottom) in a downward motion. The card should be face up when swiping (photo facing the driver), with the magnetic stripe to the left and inside the reader.

If you encounter any problems using this access, please contact the Parking Customer Services office at or (734) 764-8291.

Note: No parking access currently outlined in the HOA contract will change when the new parking rules go into effect in early December.