Holidays and Your Pay

Get paid for being on-call New Years

The HOA contract outlines that anyone who "is assigned any clinical responsibilities (including on-call, inpatient service coverage, clinics, rounding, jeopardy, home call, back-up, etc.)" on holidays, gets an extra day's pay (1/364th of the annual salary) for those days. The days that are applicable are only the actual holiday days, like Dec 31 and Jan 1, which are University of Michigan recognized holiday.

Many programs may have different ways to monitor this and ensure people get paid, but it may also be a good idea for those house officers working these days, (including jeopardy and home-call) to contact their program coordinators to confirm that the information gets forwarded to payroll.  

Always review your paycheck to ensure that the appropriate amounts of compensation, as well as deductions, are being reflected.