Differences to patient ID numbers coming February 1

MiChart roll-out bringing changes

Please follow this link: (available only while on UMHS workstation or internal wifi) to a brief, self-explanatory slide deck demonstrating the minor, but important changes in CareWeb and UM-CareLink that will occur when the MiChart/Epic Scheduling, Registration and Billing application goes live on February 1.

Prior to February 1: Every patient has a CPI number that is nine characters long. All CPI numbers start with multiple leading zeros. Most HealthQuest, CareWeb and EWS users do not enter the leading zeros. (Example: Big Bird, our test patient in HQ, has a CPI of 000000012. When looking for information for Big Bird, users just enter "12" to bring up his record.)

Beginning February 1: When MiChart goes live, MRN will replace CPI. It will be necessary to enter the entire number including all leading zeros. The number is still nine characters long, but the first new patient registered in MiChart will begin with a “1.”

It is important for you and your colleagues to review the changes and understand their impact:

  • Medical Record Number (MRN)
  • Contact Serial Number (CSN)
  • Departmental Changes to UM-CareLink
  • Writing orders for Patient in the ED
  • Changes to CareWeb
  • Searching for patients
  • Scheduling (EWS) Changes in CareWeb

Please share this information with clinicians with whom you work to ensure they are familiar with the contents before February 1. Questions about the changes in CareWeb and UM-CareLink related to the MiChart Project can be directed to the MCIT Help Desk at (734) 936-8000 or