Just in time -- Scheduled Clinical Computer Application Downtime Overnight

House officers, where applicable, to do final order reconciliation after down time

As you're likely aware, a significant computer application transition will be happening overnight tonight, January 31 to February 1, in order to allow the implementation of the first wave of the Epic application (a.k.a. MiChart), dealing with scheduling and billing.


CareLink and CareWeb will remain available; however, no systems will receive admissions, discharges, or transfers from approximately Tuesday, January 31, 11.50pm to approximately Wednesday, February 1, 5.00am.

Physician workflow changes:  Prior to 11.50pm, enter orders for newly admitted patients into CareLink.  During the transition period (11.50pm to 5.00am), all orders for newly admitted patients must be written on paper.  Instructions for this process can be found at this site (available internally only).

Existing patients admitted prior to 11.50pm 1/31/12 will be accessible via CareWeb.  Historical information up to 11.50pm 1/31/2012 will continue to be available.

Contact information:

Admissions, Discharges, and Transfers:  For questions about admissions, discharges, and transfers, call the MiChart Command Center at 936-8000, option 1.

Radiology/PACS: For issues viewing images through CareWeb, call the Radiology PACS Helpdesk at 936-1423.  For emergency viewing needs and CD requests, call the radiology file room at 936-4545.

Pathology: For emergent/urgent lab needs, contact Central Distribution at 936-6777.

Pharmacy: University Hospital (6th floor) 936-8251.  Mott (10th floor) 764-8208.


After the down time is complete, orders that have been written on paper will need to be entered by radiology, pharmacy, respiratory, and nursing staff.  The primary physician responsible for the patient (house officers in most cases) will then be responsible for completing a thorough order reconciliation.  Remember that until all downtime orders have been entered, information in CareLink will be incomplete.

As always, for more information contact the Enterprise Clinical Systems Support Center by calling 6-2222.