New HOA housing website expected March 1

Top priority for HOA board

As part of a recent transition regarding the hosting and development of the HOA website, you may have noticed that the "housing" section of the HOA has disappeared.  All data within that portion of the site was destroyed, with the plan to rebuild the section from scratch.

The board has been focused on building a robust announcements system, getting a searchable HOA contract online, transitioning to a new administrative coordinator, and several other small programming projects (e.g., an online system for reporting garbled pages - look out for an announcement regarding how to get to this next week), but as of today, our current top priority is rebuilding the housing site to make it more robust and accessible for current house officers, prospective house officers, newly selected house officers, and the realtors of those parties.

Our hope is to have the site accessible and functional as soon as possible.  Our current expected go-live date for the new HOA housing website is March 1, 2012, so it should be up and running well before Match Day.

We appreciate the patience of those individuals who had a listing on the site and of those who were hoping to have a listing on the site prior to March 1.  Please look out for further announcements as March 1 approaches. After go-live, as always, your feedback will be needed and appreciated