HOA Survey Open April 13 to April 23

Win a MacBook Air!!

The HOA board is continually working to meet the needs of all house officers; in order to do this, we would like current, accurate data about all the HOA members. The data will be used in aggregate only; no answers be connected to individuals.
Contact information will not be collected in the survey. Your e-mail address is linked to your access to the survey to limit your response to one survey; and it will also allow you to complete the survey over multiple time periods. We would expect it to take a total of 15-20 minutes to complete the survey, and it can be completed in stages - just keep your link to the survey. Your e-mail is not linked to your answers.  You will receive your access e-mail on April 13.  If you have lost your e-mail link, please contact Robin Tarter.
The HOA board understands how busy you are, and as a thank you for completing the survey, we will be have a drawing after the survey is completed at 6.30pm on April 30 in the HOA lounge.  (HOA board members, JOC members, and any house officers who share an address with those committee members will not be eligible to enter the drawing, though they are encouraged to complete the survey.)  Questions on eligibility can be directed to Robin Tarter.
All COMPLETED survey participants (with the above exceptions) will be entered to win the top eight prizes (MacBook Air, iPads, and iPods) as well as the iTunes gift cards.  All PARTIALLY COMPLETED survey participants will be eligible only for the iTunes gifts cards.  House officers do not need to be present at the time of the drawing in order to win.  Winners will be contacted by e-mail by 7.30pm on April 30.  If a prize is not claimed by May 30, a repeat drawing for remaining prizes will be scheduled and performed.  The drawing will be administrated by the HOA President, the HOA Administrative Coordinator, and the HOA IT consultant.
Prizes will be drawn in the following order:
  • One 64GB, 11-inch MacBook Air ($1060)
  • One 64GB new iPad with 4G/Wi-Fi ($879)
  • One 16GB new iPad with Wi-Fi ($529)
  • One of five 16GB iPod Nanos - ($158)
  • One of twenty $25 iTunes gift cards
If you would prefer to fill out the survey on paper, stop by the HOA lounge and receive a copy from Robin Tarter.  Surveys will be due by April 23 in order to be counted for the drawing and must have an answer on each applicable page of the paper version in order to be considered "complete" for purposes of the drawing.
Thank you for participating in the 2012 HOA survey.  We look forward to using this information to improve our ability to improve your experience as a house officer at the University of Michigan.
Michael Lanham
HOA President