May is Money Month!

Financial Education Series

The HOA has paired with The Centennial Group to create a three-part financial education series, free to all HOA members.

Every other Thursday in May, there will be a presentation in the University Dining Rooms C and D, with free food, to which all HOA members are invited.  Topics will include the following:

1. Financial Foundations -- Developing your Safety Net for a Secure Future -- May 3 at 6.30pm

2. Debt Management -- The Fundamentals of Managing Student Loans, Credit Cards, and Other Debt -- May 17 at 6.30pm

3. Investments and Tax Strategy -- Maximizing Your Investments for Long-term Growth and Playing the Tax Game -- May 31 at 6.30pm

The Centennial Group will also come give free lectures to residency or fellowship programs, and they often have dinners in Ann Arbor to discuss similar financial issues.  Their contact information can be found on their website.