Call Room Contacts

Who To Call WhenYour Call Room Needs Attention!


The information below is in the process of being posted on the back of all the HOA call room doors.  I am visiting all the call rooms, with representatives from UMHS Administration, and noting rooms which need repairs.  Many of the rooms could use simple cleaning, and general maintenance.  Please don't hesitate to call the numbers below to have your call room attended to.
Your assistance is appreciated!  Robin Tarter
House Officer Contact Numbers



Department / Area

Environmental Services


C-LEAN - 25326



Laundry Services

Environmental Services


C-LEAN -25326


Normal Business Hours

Use after normal business hours or if no response to Laundry Services page

Facilities Maintenance & Repair

Facilities Services

Phone: 936-5054


Computers and Printer


Phone: 936-8000



Security and Entrance Services

Phone: 936-7890



Automated Paging Hospital Operator

Phone: 936-6266 Phone: 936-4000

Call to report garbled or missed pages.

Patient Relations

Office of Patient Relations

Phone: 936-4330 Phone: 936-4000

Normal Business Hours (M-F from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Use after hours, weekends and holidays

Risk Management

UMHS Risk Management

Pager: 1490



UMHS Compliance Program

Phone Hotline: 1-866-990-0111



AT&T Help Desk

Phone: 1-800-498-4858



Administrative Coordinator- Robin Tarter

Phone: 936-9205 Unique Name: rtarter


Many hospital services can be contacted online through the Support Services Link located on the UMHS Internal Home page under "Shortcuts" or at

Garbled or missed pages can either be report by calling the Hospital Operator (936-4000) or online at