Where to find imaged documents after August 15

Conversion to OnBase ongoing

Rule of thumb for MiChart users:  Look in MiChart first.  If you don’t find the imaged document you’re looking for, check CareWeb.

Rule of thumb for CareWeb users:  Look in CareWeb.

For help: Call the MCIT Service Desk (93)6-8000.


  • Imaged documents are being converted from the current system (FileNet) to the new system (OnBase).
  • All imaged documents (FileNet and OnBase) remain available in CareWeb in ‘Legal & Consents’ or ‘Imaged Docs,’ using either:
    • CareWeb Viewer in MiChart; or
    • CareWeb application itself.
  • Only imaged documents in OnBase are visible in MiChart.  Over 85% of all imaged documents will be available in MiChart by August 15.

Good to know

  • Most High and medium priority imaged documents will be converted by August 15.
  • After the August 15 go-live, conversion from FileNet to OnBase will continue for the remaining documents, finishing sometime in the fall.
  • As conversion progresses, more and more imaged documents will be visible in MiChart.
  • At the end of conversion all imaged documents will be visible in MiChart.
  • Imaged documents will remain visible in CareWeb even after conversion is complete.