Graduate Loan Advisor

How to effectively manage your student debt:

Best Practices for University of Michigan Residents

Thursday, August 23rd
12:00 - 1:00 PM
B1C111 - UH
Lunch Provided
Presented by Andrew Franger of GL Advisor who will be available in the HOA Lounge - 2F208 - UH, at 10 am and again after the presentation, to answer your individual questions.
Founded out of a student research project at Harvard Business School, GL Advisor provides medical residents with access to free, unbiased advice about managing student loan debt. The salient questions to be addressed include:
  • How will the new changes to student loan consolidation and repayment mentioned in Obama’s fall 2011 announcement affect me? What can I do to maximize my savings from them?
  • I’m an intern approaching the end of my grace period… help! 
  • I am no longer able to qualify for deferment. Is forbearance my only option? 
  • What are Income-Based Repayment (IBR) and Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and how can I navigate them to achieve the maximum benefit available to me? 
  • I've looked into IBR, but the monthly payment required is still difficult with my current salary. What strategies can I employ to reduce these monthly payments? 
  • What variables related to my student debt should I be considering when filing my taxes? 
  • I'm married and my spouse works. How will this affect my monthly IBR payments? 
  • What strategies can I employ to effectively manage my private loan and credit card debt during my residency?
  • How will my student loan debt affect my ability to qualify for a mortgage?
Questions? Contact Andrew Franger at (847) 894-2050 or