Financial Advisors

When free isn't free at all...

This isn’t supposed to cause unnecessary alarm, however, it has come to the attention of the HOA Office that there are some Financial Advising Groups that are contacting residents, without being vetted by the HOA.  They offer free financial education and their services.  After a period of time, when it comes to structuring your individual portfolio, they will try to sell you additional group Disability Insurance, Specialty Disability Insurance, or even Life Insurance.  Some of these businesses are very upfront about it.  They tell you they’ll invest your money for free, but you must purchase their other products, accordingly.

As residents, the financial decisions you make at this juncture of your careers can have a substantial impact on your futures.  However, each resident’s particular financial situation is as an individual.  The variables for structuring a portfolio are different for all of us, and largely depend on your personal goals and family situation.
The HOA has vetted The Centennial Group out of Lansing.  Representatives will meet with your program at a convenient time and their contact information has been given to all the Program Coordinators.  
Visit their website to learn more at  Kirk Sempsrott, Richard Diaz and Reuben Levinsohn are all regular visitors to the campus, and can be reached by calling 517.346.7999.