House Officers Able to Dictate Full Letters in MiChart

Worktypes 54 and 55 will be activated for house officers on November 8.

Updated 11/20/2012: The edit and sign icons in the outpatient transcription folder will prompt you for a co-signer. The sign/close icon does not prompt for a co-signer. Do not use the sign/close icon when signing for Worktypes 54 & 55.

Updated 11/8/2012: House officers do not need to wait until November 10, they can start using Worktype 54 and 55 today.

Original Post:

Starting November 10, 2012 House Officers will be able to dictate full letters. You can use Worktype 54 for a progress note/letter, and Worktype 55 for a non-billable letter encounter.

When you sign the letter you will prompted for a co-signing faculty. The letter will be routed to the faculty and upon their signature sent via MNet.

For full details, view the following TipSheet:
Dictation for House Officers and Mid-levels using Worktypes 54 and 55

You must be on campus or have VPN access to view the TipSheet.