Report Missed and Garbled Pages

MCIT has launched their version of the garbled page submission form.

The HOA has been running an extended pilot testing a method for medical staff to report missed and garbled pages. MCIT has taken over the system and linked to it from the UHMS Paging homepage. The form allows you to report both missed and garbled pages. The first time your pager has a problem, MCIT requests that in addition to submitting the form, that you also exchange your pager at either the Hospital Security office in University Hospital or the MCIT paging office located inside Dominos Farms.

Missed/Garbled Page Report Form

If you need your pages read back, you will still need to call the paging operators (by dialing zero from an internal phone or 734-936-4000 from an external phone). If you call the operator they will report the paging error, so there is no need for you to also fill out the form.

MCIT has also created an easier to use mobile version of the paging website.  You will auomatically be shown the mobile version when you visit from a mobile device.