Keep MiChart lab results going only to attendings

(But only if you want/need to)

Originally posted: 2012-8-14 at 8:38am

Within MiChart, lab results will be routed to both the ORDERING provider and the AUTHORIZING provider.

The Authorizing provider must always be an attending.  MiChart will not allow for an order to be signed with an individual with resident privileges as the Authorizing provider.

The Ordering provider will start out as the person writing the order.  This can be changed.  If you are in an attending's clinic and you would not routinely follow-up on those labs, then change the Ordering provider to the attending (or clinical fellow, in some cases) before you sign the order, so that the labs are directed to the appropriate person's In Basket.

If you are in your continuity clinic, or if part of your clinical responsibility is to follow-up on labs for all patients you see as an outpatient (for example, some fellows) be sure to leave the Ordering provider as yourself.  You may also want to speak with other clinical providers (residents, nurses, attendings) who might be writing or transcribing orders to put you as the Ordering provider in those circumstances.