Neuroscience Hospital NICU Mock-Up Tour Invitation

Tours of the Neuroscience Hospital NICU Mock-Up available Feb 4th, 5th, and 7th. Interested house officers welcome.

The Neurosicence Hospital project team has begun to partner with facilities to start down the journey of Lean-led Hospital Facility Design and have a “Show and Tell opportunity”.

You are cordially invited to tour the Neuroscience Hospital (NH) NICU Mock-Up in the old data center TC B1-179. This will be an opportunity to understand what can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time in regards to a larger scale Mock-Up. In addition, we will show how the Mock-Up was intended to provide the end-users with higher fidelity interface to,

  1. simulate scenarios and flow in,
  2. evaluate the space based off of design criteria and,
  3. ultimately inform design decisions to support the operations of the patient care space. Form that follows function!

The NH project team will be hosting the tours at the following times below. Please let us know if these times do not work for individuals and we can adjust accordingly.  Also, please feel free to forward this to others that might benefit from attending.

Tour Dates Tour Times
Mon Feb 4 8:00am
Tues Feb 5 1:00pm
Thurs Feb 7 4:00pm