Housing Website Update

The first round of improvements to housing website are completed, with more on their way.

The HOA Housing website has a new look and currently features more than 70 properties for sale or rent.  Over the past few days, incoming house officers have been registering at rate of 25 pre day, hoping to start their search for a place to live in a few months. The recent updates to the site make the registration and log in process smoother. There have also been visual enhancements and it is much easier to use on a mobile device.

Further improvements are planned for the site and will be implemented in the coming months.

Anyone can access the HOA Housing website and view listings. Simply create an account on the account registration page. When you register you will have to use a working email address.

The ability to post a listing is reserved for incoming, current, and past house officers. When registering, it is recommended that house officers use their email address for the quickest possible account activation. Those who have recently matched should register using another email, but expect a slight delay in full account activation.

You can find the most up to date policies regarding the housing website in the HOA FAQ.

The housing website is located at