Settlement Agreement Reached

Depletion of the Bargaining Unit

The House Officers Association has reached a Settlement Agreement with the University of Michigan Health System regarding the grievance - 7939, Depletion of the Bargaining Unit.

In May, through the University of Michigan attorneys, the Chief Resident position in all specialties was decidedly remaining part of the Bargaining Unit.  Therefore, only the Surgical Specialties were being addressed by the grievance.

On June 3, Richard Holcomb and Kevin Newman, representing the University, and Michael Lanham and Avi Giladi representing the HOA, signed a Settlement Agreement which establishes that individuals in general surgery or any of the other surgical training programs, who are engaged in research or other academic development activities, are included in the bargaining unit during such time as they are engaged in research or other academic development activity, which is not considered necessary for Board eligibility.

This specifically addresses HO1’s that started in the 2013 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2012).  The promotional increases will remain in place, as will all other HOA bargained for benefits and compensation (Lump Sum), including Disability Insurance, during the appointment.

Individuals who opt to extend their research time during their residency/fellowship training program are also included in the HOA during such extended research time.

To read the entire Agreement, click the link below: