Check Your Check

Make sure your compensation and deductions are accurate.

It is that time of the year again.  Promotional step increases should be reflected in your monthly payroll, providing there has been no amended service date (date in class).  Make sure you are being compensated at the appropriate HO level.

Check all deductions for accuracy.  It has come to my attention that monthly parking fees may be missing or incorrect, resulting in HO's having to pay the entire amount or adjusted amount at the end of the year.  

Your lump sum bonus will come on Novemeber 30, along with your first HOA deduction of $42.50.  You may want to adjust the amount of withholding tax prior to the lump sum distribution, depending on your personal tax situation.  This can be done through Wolverine Access Self-Serve.

Payroll can be reached for specific questions at 734.615.2000 or emailed at