Access to MDConsult Ending, Replaced with Clinical Key

The Health System's access to MDConsult will be shut down Thursday September 5th.

MDConsult is being replaced with Clinical Key. Beginning September 6th, links to MDConsult will no longer work.

Clinical Key offers more than 900 e-books, 550 journals, 12,000 videos, 3.7 million images, and much more. Earlier this year, UMHS began its transition from the MDConsult database to Clinical Key. The switch to the new platform will occur on Thursday, September 5th. 

Why is MDConsult going away?
The product is being replaced with Clinical Key. This decision was made by the publisher, Elsevier.

Will I get the same content on Clinical Key that was on MDConsult?
Most of the content will migrate. Some older e-books will not. All e-books, journals, etc., will be listed in Miryln, the University Library’s online database.

Is there a mobile app or mobile site?
Clinical Key is optimized for most tablet devices (Android, iOS, Windows).

Clinical Key Support Options:

If you have further questions, send an email query to or call them at 734-764-1210.