Additional Disability Coverage for Residents and Fellows

Another option for those HOA members who are planning on being here for an extended period.

Originally, the conversion of coverage from the group plan to an individual policy was only available to graduating residents and fellows. That plan allows for a monthly benefit of $3,500 or $5,000 guaranteed without medical or financial underwriting.  

The HOA asked Mike Flynn to go to the carrier (The Standard) and request a plan specifically for those of you who were interested in additional disability coverage.

Guaranteed Issue

Own Specialty definition of disability

Additional $8,000 per month to add as income increases, no medical underwriting  

Level premiums

HOA discounts and unisex rates apply for the life of the policy

You can always wait until your graduation to take advantage of the conversion policy described above. This new option would just allow you to lock in a specialty specific plan now at your current age. 

However, now as a resident you can add $1,500 to your monthly benefit up until your final year of training.  As a fellow you can add $2,000 to your monthly benefit with the $8,000 Future Purchase Option.

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