HO Discipline and Your Rights

HO Discipline and what it means for you.

The  HOA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is very specific.  "The employer shall not discharge or take disciplinary action without just cause," Article XVIII.  

House officers are a protected class of worker as members of the HOA.  As such, you are entitled to representation when faced with discipline.  This entitlement is known as your Weingarten Rights.  It is up to you to request representation.  When contacted to attend a meeting and you aren't told what the nature of this meeting is about, ask if the result of the meeting could lead to discipline.  If so, ask for a union representative to be present.

The CBA goes on to state that, "It is the intent of the employer to assure that each House Officer is given appropriate due process in any issue concerning unsatisfactory work performance."

The HOA is concerned that elements of due process are not always adhered to, and that you may find yourself in a position where you may need some assistance.  The goal of any union is to make sure their members are treated fairly.

Please contact Robin Tarter, X69205 with any questions or concerns you may have surrounding your rights.