Constitution Amended, President-Elect Appointed

Dr. Josh Glazer will guide the HOA beginning July 1.

The recent vote to amend the HOA Constitution, adding the position of President-Elect, was overwhelmingly supported by 224 out of 232 house officers who cast their vote.

Current HOA President, Michael Lanham, will be leaving the bargaining unit after serving as its' president for the past four terms.  Prior to being elected president, Michael served as secretary and guided the HOA through the negotiation of three collective bargaining agreements.  Michael will be staying on at Michigan in a faculty role beginning in July.

As outlined in the updated Constitution, and given his commitment to the HOA and his interest in serving in a leadership capacity next year, Josh Glazer was appointed by Michael to fill the now vacant position of President-Elect.  The entire HOA Board supported this decision.

Nominations for the next appointment year's board begin on May 1, and remain open until May 14.  If you have any questions, please contact Robin Tarter.