Fellows and Moonlighting

Are you eligible?

Article IX - Extracurricular Medical Practice (moonlighting), of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, guarantees your right to work and receive compensation as a physician, in addition to your on-the-job training responsibilities at UMHHS.  However, in order to protect patient safety, and ensure your training isn't compromised, only a house officer in good standing who wishes to moonlight is permitted to do so.  

A Program Director must provide concrete reasons why a particular House Officer should not be allowed to moonlight.  Reasons may include poor in-service exams, incident reports, poor performance reviews.  Vague statements such as "moonlighting will impair your training here" are not valid criteria to use in denying the House Officer's request.

If your Program Director denies your request to moonlight and has a blanket policy of not allowing moonlighting, given the scenario above, please discuss this with your program director.  Once your performance has been evaluated, and you have demonstrated your good standing, you should be granted moonlighting privileges in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Not granting you moonlighting privileges if you are in good standing is a violation of the CBA.