Holiday Pay Details

You can substitute 2 alternative days in place of a holiday.

A holiday will commence at 12:00 AM on the calendar date of the holiday and will continue for the twenty-four (24) hour consecutive period until 12:00 AM the day after the holiday.

Any House Officer may substitute up to two (2) alternative days of his/her choice for any of the previously defined House Officer holidays within any July 1 to June 30 period. These substitutions will be mutually agreeable to the House Officer and his/her Program Director. That House Officer will be eligible for holiday pay if he/she has any assigned clinic responsibilities on those agreed-upon substitute dates.

House Officers are responsible for submitting a notice of eligibility for holiday pay to their Program Director or designated program official within sixty (60) days of a House Officer holiday when they were assigned clinical responsibilities. The programs will then notify the Graduate Medical Education office of those House Officers who are to receive holiday pay for a given House Officer holiday. Program Directors signature will be used to verify all House Officer holiday pay requests. Any question regarding eligibility for holiday pay will be resolved by a House Officer's Program Director.

Every effort shall be made to honor the requests for the religious requirements by House Officers for observances of religious holidays.