House Officer Call Rooms

What you need to know and who you should contact.

House Officer Call Rooms are a negotiated part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  As such, they are to be maintained by the University and kept in good repair.    Work orders have been entered into the Support Services Link to repair, patch, and paint, certain call rooms in University Hospital.  Every effort will be made to notify you if a call room will be unavailable at a particular time.  In such instances, the overflow sleep space maintained in the Med Inn should be utilized.

It is the University's responsibility to see that your personal belongings are kept safe by providing lockable bins with built-in locks.  If you are using a call room without a secure bin or locker, you need to contact the HOA office, X69205 or email Robin Tarter.  

It is understood that these rooms are for the priority use of House Officers at all times.  Other staff are restricted from using on-call rooms.  It has come to the HOA's attention that some of these rooms are being used by other staff, such as PA's, as clinical work spaces during the day.  This is a violation of the CBA.  However, if a complaint isn't brought to our attention, there isn't much that can be done to rectify the situation.

If items need to be purchased such as replacement chairs, bulletin boards, additional storage bins and/or lockers, or the locks on existing lockers or bins have no keys, please let the HOA know about it.  

Work orders for appropriate signage has also been requested.  Soon, spaces will be easily identified and you will be able to indicate when a room is "in use."