Holidays and Vacation Days

These are 2 separately negotiated benefits.

It has come to the HOA's attention that there may be some confusion surrounding the assignment of vacation time and the contractual holidays during the recent season.

Employees in bargaining units observe Holidays and Season Days as indicated in their respective agreements. 

A house officer may substitute two (2) of the ten (10) holidays outlined in the HOA Collective Bargaining Agreement for alternative dates of the house officer's choosing.  These substitutions are mutually agreed upon and are not retro active.

The University recognizes Season Dates; for 2014 they were December 26, 29, 30 and 31.  Only December 31 was a house officer holiday. 

Vacation is assigned to meet the needs of the employer and may be assigned departmentally with due consideration given to the employees wishes.  Nothing in the agreement limits vacation entitlement.  If your program didn't assign you duties on the Season Dates, consider yourself fortunate.