Meal Reimbursement Amounts

Know the current rates and if you qualify.

Here's what your contract says:

Breakfast - $9.00 

Lunch - $11.00 

Dinner - $11.75 

When patient care requires a House Officer to be in the hospital for equal to or greater than twelve (12) hours, and the hours worked include 7:00 p.m., the House Officer will receive reimbursement for the evening meal. Any educational, clinical or administrative activity that is included in the calculation of clinical and educational work hours, as defined in Article VIII – Work Hours/Work Schedules, is considered appropriate to be included in this daily counting of 12 hours. When a House Officer has remained in-house for at least twelve (12) hours during the night shift and into the next morning, s/he will be reimbursed for the evening and breakfast meals. Management will encourage Program Coordinators to send a monthly communication to solicit any House Officers who have met the criteria for meal allowance reimbursement.

Any question regarding eligibility for Meal Allowance will be resolved by a House Officer’s Program Director. House Officers in the Departments of Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Surgery (all sections), and Urology will receive the amount of $228 each month, with this amount being evaluated annually.

It is the goal moving forward that the Labor Management Committee will address the administrative burden on programs and the inequity in the current system.  Specifically, removing time restraints for sub groups to qualify and will focus on total shift hours, regardless of start and stop times.  We will work toward simplifying and streamlining the process.