What Your Dues Pay For

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Your current yearly HOA dues are spent on the compensation of an Executive Director, retainer fees for an attorney, arbitrator fees and court fees, to further process grievances and complaints, coordination of the Group Disability plan provided by the employer (noted on your pay stub), IT services for maintaining the website and housing links, social events open to all members and their significant other, printing supplies, treats - usually chocolate, and hot beverages in the lounge.  

Your dues are tax deductible!  $20 a month, September through June, or $200 per fiscal year.

The lounge was negotiated into the Collective Bargaining Agreement many years ago; right down to the number of work stations and telephones.  The HOA spent approximately $30K toward the capital improvement of the lounge you see today.

Please note while some of you generously invite your med students in for coffee, candy, paper, since the cost is shared with your colleagues, not everyone may appreciate your generosity.  Please be mindful of the situation and don't put Robin in the position of having to police the lounge.

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