Free Medical Society Membership

The Washtenaw County Medical Society offers house officers free memberships to the Michigan State Medical Society and Washtenaw County Medical Society.

Every year the Washtenaw County Medical Society

offers free, 1-year scholarships to join the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) and Washtenaw County Medical Society (WCMS). This is a great opportunity to gain access to information about the current state of health care in the nation, MSMS’ advocacy initiatives on the state and federal level (such as medical malpractice, scope of practice, Maintenance of Certification issues, among others) and WCMS’ local issues like opioid initiatives, physician burnout seminars, and pertinent county outbreak concerns.  Your voice is critical during residency level! Maximize your impact and get involved today!  

If you are interested, you can also elect to participate in committees which meet periodically on legislative issues, policy/practice issues, health information technology, etc. WCMS has over 1,000 members, many who are leaders in healthcare at UMHS and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, and include leaders like Dr. Andrew Barnosky, Dr. Jack Billi, Dr. Sandro Cinti, Dr. James Mitchiner, along with countless others. 

The 2019 scholarships are available through this link: Medical Society Application