Moonlighting Madness

Moonlighting and the Agreement, what you need to know.

The ACGME defines internal moonlighting as the voluntary, compensated, medically-related work (not related with training requirements) performed within the institution in which the resident is in training, or at any of its related participating sites. 

A house officer may engage in internal moonlighting at UMHS or its' affiliates, as long as the services being performed are not part of their training requirements.  The HOA does not determine what is, or is not, a training requirement.  That is the responsibility of your program and Graduate Medical Education.

Article VIII of the CBA, WORK HOURS/WORK SCHEDULES, paragraph 66, outlines that during the term of this Agreement, if there is a change in the duty hour standards specified by ACGME requirements, than those regulatory standards will take precedence over the current contract language, and the parties will abide accordingly, and meet to discuss implementation.

There is nothing in the HOA contract that excludes a house officer from being eligible to moonlight internally or externally.  The purpose of Article IX, EXTRACURRICULAR MEDICAL PRACTICE, is to protect patient safety and ensure that your training is not compromised.  "It is not meant as a de facto policy banning moonlighting by house officers within a particular GME program."  Vague statements such as moonlighting will impair your training here are not valid criteria to use in denying a house officer's request to moonlight.

As far as the HOA is concerned, go forth and moonlight!