Judgment for HOA

An arbitration ruling has been conveyed to the University/HOA.

In the HOA’s continuing mission to see that due process and fairness is afforded to all our members, a binding arbitration hearing was held earlier this year and a ruling was conveyed to both the HOA and the University.

The ruling upheld the Union’s right to represent their members in disputes involving discipline using the current grievance process outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

According to the arbitrator, Dr. Brookins from the University of Indiana, “The Employer’s interpretive efforts to exclude the Union from the decisional process of initially classifying disputes are unavailing, absent explicit contractual language to effect that result.” 

Depriving the Union of active participation in the initial classification of disputes effectively relegates the Union to accept the University’s accusations against House Officers and likely undermines the Union’s role to represent House Officers.

Initial classification is important because there is a different resolution process depending on the issue.  All professionalism concerns are not academic.  There is an Academic Appeal process for purely academic decisions through the Graduate Medical Education Committee.  The HOA has 3 representatives who are entitled to an individual vote.  Your representatives are Josh Glazer, Osama Kashlan and Paul Leonard.

If a HO decides to appeal an academic decision, you are entitled to representation by the Association.

To read the entire brief, click the following link: Dr. Brookins Ruling