Malpractice Claims at the VA

What you should do if named in a suit or reported.

The VA has always reported its doctors – including UMHS residents involved in claims arising there.  It has a system in which a draft report is circulated to the physicians who the VA is proposing to report and those physicians have a period of time to essentially object to the draft report and inclusion of their names.  The VA does not notify any HOA or UMHS administrators, only the doctors it’s proposing to report.  It’s a rare occurrence in general and even more rare when a malpractice case at the VA involves our residents, but it can happen, and this happened recently.

Our residents should know that the UM Office of Clinical Safety and the Office of General Counsel (OGC) are both happy to help with this “appeal period”.  In the past, the VA has been very receptive to arguments for omitting UMHS residents from reporting, but it’s incumbent on house officers to bring this to everyone's attention and ask for help. 

If you are served with a Summons and/or Complaint regarding a professional liability lawsuit, immediately contact Patient Relations & Clinical Risk at 734-763-5456 and Office of General Counsel - North Ingalls 734-764-2178.