Negotiating Teams

Who's who and how does it work?

The HOA began preparing for negotiations last fall, meeting regularly to discuss issues important to the entire membership.  At each bargaining session with the University's team, the HOA has had a combination of members who are able to attend.  Due to the nature of house officer scheduling, attending the sessions isn't always easy and in the best interest of patient care, therefore those who had planned on attending, aren't always able.  However, we have always had a quorum (6 members) at every session, which is mandated in the HOA Constitution.  The HOA team is listed below.  

For the HOA, Josh Glazer - Pulm/Crit. Care (Lead Negotiator), Michael Clery - Emergency Medicine, Mark DeWood - Anesthesia, Xin He - Internal Medicine, Ari Kanters - Surgery, Dave Turer - Surgery, Osama Kashlan - Neurosurgery, Shashank Sinha - Cardiology, Elias Taxakis - Radiology, Arjun Sondhi - Gastro, Adrienne Carey - Med/Peds, Leeann Pavlek - Peds, Daniel Southren - Anesthisai, Joel Castellanos - PM&R, Peter White - Surgery, Paul Leonard - Emergency Medicine, Heather Wahl - Ob/Gyn, Jon Mowers - Pathology, and Robin Tarter, (HOA Executive Director).

Those representing the employer are listed below.

Michelle Sullivan, UMHS Director of Labor Relations and Chief Spokesperson, J.  Sybil Biermann, M.D., Associate Dean Graduate Medical Education, Andrew C. Chang, M.D., Associate Professor and Head, Section of Thoracic Surgery, Hilary Meryl Haftel MD, Professor, Pediatrics, Associate Chair for Education, Department Pediatrics, Scott D Gitlin MD, Professor, Hematology, Board member AAMC, Dominick Fanelli, Labor Relations Specialist, Christine Rupkey, Admin Manager Assoc. Healthcare, UMHS Graduate Medical Education