P2 Parking Structure Renovation

The impact will affect your commute into work.

During the P2 parking-garage construction, beginning today, April 17.  You may be displaced, as there will be overflow into P3 to accommodate patients.

Although the HO Coupon Program was designed to be used upon exit from P2, and the Coupons indicate that as a location, Parking and Transportation Services has informed all of the Parking Attendants (for booth transactions) & our Wayfinding Ambassadors (who re-direct parkers when structures are full) that, if P2 is full, the HO Coupons may be used in the structure to which we are re-directing.  Depending on circumstances, those alternative parking structures may be P1 (Cancer Center), P4 (Mott) or P5 (CVC).

If you have the 24/7 P3 access, seek to park in P3 and continue on to P2.  If you are redirected to one of the alternative structures mentioned above, you will be granted access.  Make sure you plan for additional time to find parking if arriving during peak hours.