Current Cost of the HOA Contract

Financials from the University raise questions.

A financial spread sheet shared with the HOA on May 3, sparked more questions than it resolved.  Line items attributed to the HOA contract have been formally questioned.  The cost of the contract included items for which the HOA has no bargaining history and included a nearly $1.7 million dollar Recharge Benefits Pool amount.  This change represents a rate of 2.05 percent of your payroll. The rate is analyzed and adjusted annually to ensure that the University adequately meets expense obligations such as retiree benefit programs including medical, prescription drugs, life insurance, dental and Medicare Part B premium reimbursements.

House Officers don't receive retiree health benefits from the University, which begs the question, why is this tacked on to your contract?

The spread sheet shows that a majority of house officer salaries are recouped through the clinical enterprise.  A link to the spread sheet is below.

HOA Cost Spread Sheet