Call Room Update

And the rooms are...

We have received approval for the renovation of six call rooms within UH (5419, 5008B, 5331, 6815A, 6825A, and 4501).  Design work for these rooms will be completed this week.

Quotes for safety railings for all upper bunks is complete and the vendor is moving forward with the order.  Lead time on these items is 10-12 weeks.  Work orders have been submitted to Maintenance for the installation of the rails once they arrive.  Updates in future Announcements will be forthcoming.

Facilities is working on a process to remove all excess furniture/misc. items from call rooms. They will tag all items that are not within the contract and will notify Robin when this is complete.  If there are items that are desired to be kept, the HOA will need to remove the tag.  Once this has taken place (over a pre-determine timeframe), the remaining items will be removed.  Over the next week or so, we will better define the schedule for this removal.