Successor Agreement

Details emailed to all bargaining unit members on June 16, 2017.

With new House Officers set to arrive for Orientation on Monday, June 19, a Tentative Agreement was reached early Thursday morning.  While the bargaining team faced many difficult issues, including outdated language, many positive additions were secured.

Increased paternity LOA (Leave of Absence) for fathers or non-birthing parent from 4 days to 2 weeks, with the option of extending the leave an additional 2 weeks with guaranteed approval to use vacation time.

Paid time off for board exams and all approved conferences.

Holiday Pay, (10 paid holidays) for anyone assigned any clinical duties - including when you are on home call (even if you don’t get called).

The Lump Sum to Encourage Retirement Savings will continue to be distributed as part of the November 30th payroll with the option of a pre-tax retirement account or taxed as a “bonus.” The increase each fiscal year will grow to be 9% of your base in order to align with the matching contribution equal to what staff receive in a matching retirement contribution.

A Memorandum of Understanding in support of birthing mothers for time away from scheduled duties to support lactation.

Affordable access to the new Exercise space in UH South (opening in August 2017).

Supplemental payment(s), at the discretion of your Program Director, when house officers “go over and above” their regular duties to support established quality and safety goals.

Supplemental payment(s), at the discretion of your Program Director, to be used for recruitment purposes to Faculty positions.

A commitment through a Memorandum of Understanding to improve your work environment through renovated call rooms and additional HO multipurpose work spaces in all inpatient buildings.

A new Labor Management Committee with both Health System Leadership participation, including GME, and HOA Leadership. 

Total compensation increases (salary and lump sum combined) were also secured at 4%, 3.3% and 2.95% for fiscal years 2018 tthrough 2020.  Those at the HO1 and HO2 level will see an increase of 4.4% for fiscal year 2018, as those levels were below the 75th percentile nationally.