Fellows and the CBA

All the provisions are guaranteed.

As ACGME Fellows you are entitled to every provision in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and always have been.  The HOA has long been awaiting a ruling from an administrative law judge regarding inclusion of the non-ACGME fellows, too.  However, only the ACGME fellows are part of the bargaining unit at this time.

Fellows are to be reimbursed for the dinner meal for any shift over 12 hours, when you stay past 7 pm and additional meals for shifts over 18 hours.  You should receive holiday pay just like any other House Officer at 1/365 of your salary for each holiday, including your birthday, listed in the CBA.  

As fellows, you re entitled to moonlight.  Specifically, a program cannot make vague statements like "we don't let our first year fellows moonlight."  Statements and practices such is this constitute a contract vilolation.  Any PGY2 or higher may moonlight if they are in good standing with their program.

The new cell phone stipend also applies to you.  Make sure to solicit the paperwork from your program coordinator.  If there is any push back from your program, or if you have questions, please let Robin know and you will remain anonymous.  Whatever the issue is, it can be addressed through the appropriate channels.  

Only when issues are not resolved, and there is specific language pertaining to your situation, would a grievance be filed. Grievances are not filed unless a house officer requests it.