Should You Be Doing Scut Work?

Here is what your contract says:

The parties agree as follows: High-quality medical and dental care requires the combined, coordinated and inter-disciplinary efforts and services of a variety of personnel and the specific identification and assignment of tasks required for proper patient care to certain categories of personnel, to the exclusion of other categories, is not practical nor in the best interest of good patient care.

It is understood, however, that House Officers are not normally required or expected to function as clerks, messengers, transporters or custodians. However, House Officers may occasionally be required to perform these functions when no other employees responsible for these services are available.

It would be highly unusual for other ancillary staff who are responsible for these types of services not to be available within the Michigan Medicine system.  The contract goes on to say that in no event shall a House Officer be required to perform such functions on a regular and recurring basis for substantial periods of time.

The question of whether an individual House Officer is being required to function to this extent as a clerk, messenger, transporter or custodian may be the proper subject of the Complaint, Grievance, and Arbitration Procedure.

In addition and when a House Officer is required or decides, on the basis of direct assignment or in the exercise of professional judgment and in the best interest of good patient care, to perform the principal duties of hospital-related job classifications, whether professional or non-professional, but the House Officer believes the task should be performed by another category of personnel because the time involved in the performance of the task prevents the House Officer from engaging in other required activities, please contact Robin and she will investigate the situation confidentially.